We’re Going to New Zealand!

Holy crap, we’re going to New Zealand.

Here’s the story: last year I married a British guy, M. We applied for a green card so that he could live with me in the US, but because of some nonsense these applications are in a huge backlog. As of February, they were only just getting to applications from May 2013. M and I weren’t too keen on the idea of being separated for 9+ months, but we started looking for jobs in our respective countries. During this process M found that both of us was eligible for a working holiday visa in New Zealand. Working temporary jobs for eight months in exotic New Zealand, together, sounded far better than becoming responsible adults in our boring hometowns, so we applied for visas right away. Three days later, we received them and began planning this crazy adventure.

Initial idea to plane tickets took about two weeks, and we’re leaving in a week and a half. Before we go I’ll write about what we’ve done to plan (probably not enough) and once we get there, I’ll document our experiences. M’s goal: to see a penguin. My goal: to not end up on the streets of Auckland. And see a penguin. Stay tuned!


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