I Thought This was Middle-Earth?

Sorry we’ve been quiet lately, we have a few great posts ready to go but the internet where we’re currently staying is terrible so we’re having problems uploading photos. We did manage to get some up though! We spotted this while wandering around downtown Auckland:

Statue of an evil bastard.
Statue of an evil bastard.

For the unfamiliar, this is King Joffrey, the villain in the TV series Game of Thrones. As a publicity stunt leading up to the new season, the statue is connected to a large winch mechanism powered by tweets about the show:


The tweet machine.
The tweet machine.

All going well, the statue will be pulled down by the power of social media. We talked to the guys responsible and they said it was nearly halfway there already. If you want to watch it fall in real time, there’s a webcam at bringdowntheking.com. Apparently, it’s very popular in Russia – the ad guys theorized that they really like pulling down statues …


One thought on “I Thought This was Middle-Earth?

  1. I see from the website that the campaign was successful. After seeing a half-dozen episodes of Game of Thrones this past weekend, my only surprise is that a statue was built to Joffrey in the first place!

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