A Royal Housewarming

We can only apologize for the lack of posts the past week, but we’re done with hostels for good! Yes, we moved into our own flat over the weekend and it is gorgeous—granite counters, an induction hob, leather sofa and best of all a balcony with views over the harbor and Rangitoto! While househunting we noticed that estate agents around here move fast – one place we viewed that we liked was rented less than 20 minutes later – so it was no surprise that the moving process was quick for here too. We viewed it on Wednesday lunchtime, put the application in an hour after that, were told we were successful on Thursday and had the keys by Friday! Of course, this meant we had no chance to set up utilities beforehand, hence the lack of internet until now (and thus blog updates).

The view from our balcony. Not to shabby!
The view from our balcony. Not too shabby!

As you can imagine, this has kept us busy but M did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Auckland leg of the Royal visit. In case you’re unaware, Wills, Kate and baby Prince George are doing a down under tour and last Friday they were in Auckland to do some sailing on racing yachts (Kate won, of course). Everyone in NZ seemed to go completely gaga over the visit: even the comedy news show had nothing but good things to say about it. M could only stay for their arrival as he had flat keys to pick up, but says it was much better than the Royal Wedding procession because it was far less crowded, so he could stand right next to the road instead of 10 people deep so the VIPs were only feet away. He claims Kate waved right at him, but we’ll have to take his word for it because he forgot to take a camera…

Check back soon and we’ll finally (finally!) get to upload Part II of our Paihia trip!


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