Easter: “the Quintessential Autumn Holiday”

This is a bit late, I know, but I only recently found pictures from that weekend. Unlike in the US, Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays, meaning we had a delightful four-day weekend. M and I didn’t go anywhere too special since we still don’t have a car, but we did get this lovely shot from our window:

Rainbow over the bay.
Rainbow over the bay.

Sadly, we did not get huge Easter eggs, but the regular eggs did come with colorful “shrinkies” to get us into the Easter spirit. These are plastic sheaths that go around the eggs and shrink down when the egg is boiled. Surprisingly they work quite well: on Sunday morning we soft-boiled some eggs + shrinkies for a festive breakfast.

A perfect egg.
A perfect egg.

For some reason, our apartment only has one chicken-shaped eggcup, so we had to trade off. There are tons of the cow-chicken mugs though!

After the four-day weekend, things got even better. April 25 is ANZAC Day, commemorating the day when Australian and New Zealand troops landed in Gallipoli in World War I. This of course is a public holiday as well, so last week was a three-day work week! I was woken up early Friday morning by the dawn memorial services at Auckland Museum, which is about 10 minutes up the hill from us. Later on, several formations of old planes flew past our window and over the museum. These events prompted us to wander up to the museum in the afternoon to see what was this holiday was all about. When we got there, we discovered that the museum was actually built as a war memorial, hence the dawn services. It was predictably crowded, but we did go on a tour of the WWI section and up to the dome, which is normally only open for special events. And, since we’re now Auckland residents, we can go back anytime we want for free!


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