UFOs Over Auckland

Last night M and I were hanging out on the couch, as we do every night, and I happen to glance out the window as a flash lit up the sky. We’ve seen some pretty spectacular lightning displays over the gulf from our apartment, so I immediately chalked it up to being a simple lightning flash. We didn’t hear any thunder, though (I guess it could be far away?) and no other flashes followed it (that can happen, right?). The next morning at work, one of my coworkers excitedly shared this news with everyone:

That horizontal streak in the sky isn't usually there.
Click for the NZ Herald article!

It turns out a “grapefruit to basketball” sized meteor, or more accurately fireball, entered the atmosphere and created that impressive display. M was disappointed that he missed it since he’s currently doing an astrophysics degree. We’ll let you know if we find the meteorite!


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