An Evening at the Zoo

In February, the Auckland Zoo featured Late Nights on Thursday evenings: instead of closing at 5:30 p.m., the zoo would stay open until 8:00 p.m. We planned to go as a Valentine’s Day activity, but illness and bad weather prevented us from attending until the last Thursday in February.

M picked me up after work and we drove through the rush hour traffic to the zoo. We’d hoped that by going to one of these Late Nights we would avoid the usual throngs of children, but it turned out that many families (and some boisterous teenagers) also wanted to avoid the crowds. However, the zoo still felt fairly empty compared to the weekend, when we had last gone.

We had a nice walk around the zoo, mainly stopping at and photographing the birds, of course. The only animal we couldn’t see was the kiwi: since their exhibit is on a reversed day-night cycle, it was “daytime” for them and they were asleep. Most of the other animals were winding down for the night as well; overall, it was a laid-back zoo experience.

Our camera does not handle low light situations well (which is why the last post didn’t feature any lanterns at night) but we managed to catch some animals out in the last rays of sunlight. Hint: mouse over the images for the caption!



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