New Camera!

Things have been generally slow in New Zealand since it’s the dead of winter, but happily we escaped the rainy grey weather to visit the United States for a week. Our trip was mostly filled with seeing family and friends, and doing a bit of retail therapy. In addition to new luggage and clothes, we also picked up a new birder-approved camera. It’s a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with lots of nifty features:

  • An insane 50x zoom.
  • A button that zooms out when you hold it, since finding a bird at 50x zoom is difficult.
  • Two modes that you can preset with the ideal settings for bird photos.
  • Option for continuous shutter mode, where it takes a series of pictures as you hold down the button.
  • Easy-to-adjust exposure, shutter speed, and ISO settings (we’re still learning about what these do, but at least now we have the option!)
  • There’s a newer version (the SX60) that the online birders think is not as good, so this version was relatively cheap.

Our old camera probably had some of these features, but the new one is just easier to use, especially since the battery isn’t constantly at risk of falling out. I also got a nice floral strap so that we look extra spiffy toting it around.

Due to the aforementioned rain, we haven’t had a chance to road-test the new camera in New Zealand, but we did get some nice bird shots while still in the US:

IMG_3899 (2)
Female rufous hummingbird.
IMG_3923 (2)
The same rufous hummingbird.
IMG_3940 (2)
IMG_4027 (2)
Song sparrow.
IMG_4040 (2)
American robin.
IMG_4075 (2)
Hairy woodpecker.
IMG_4097 (2)
Wood duck and ducklings.
IMG_4166 (2)
Great blue herons on their nest.
IMG_4220 (2)

We can’t wait to see what it can do in New Zealand!


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